Villa Aromatique

Ahol élményekkel gazdagodsz

The house consists of 2 levels.

On the ground floor, a fully equipped kitchen with a dining room with 11 people can be found. Or a living room where we can relax at the end of the day. The atmosphere and warmth are provided by a fireplace in the middle of the level. At this level there is a washbasin with hand wash. Or a double room with a separate bathroom called Les Baux (pronounced shoot big). He got his name from a small village in Provence, similar to Sümegcsehi's mood. Accordingly, the style of the room and the spa also exudes a Provencal atmosphere, but not the classical sense of the word, but rather the equipment and atmosphere to emphasize the values ​​of nature.

Upstairs, there are 3 separate rooms. The first room has a double room with a separate bathroom. Offers a wonderful view of the garden and the surrounding area. This room is called Paris. Not the 21st century, but rather the late 20th century. The other two rooms have a shared shower and a separate washbasin. One living room is a 4-bedded room (1 double bed and 2 single beds that can be used as a Kingsize bed. This room is called Vienna. Other room Name is Portland, which is America's greenest state in Oregon and is famous for its forests (not to mention glass production, because the center of Bulls Eye is also located there).