Villa Aromatique

Bemutatjuk magunkat

Villa Aromatique Sümegcsehi is located away and yet close to the traffic and noise of cities. Sümegcsehi is located on the border of Zala and Veszprém County in Zala County. Zala County is considered to be the county of medicinal waters and famous for its wines. Veszprém County also boasts its wines, but there are also many historical and geographical sites. If there is a settlement on the border of two of these counties, we can be sure that you will not be bored. The village is home to a little over 600 people who love peace and tranquility but do not flee from village programs such as vintage fun or village day. In the village there is a grocery store, a pub , a school, a kindergarten, a national tobacco shop and even a post office :), but it does not have too many tourist destinations (except for the Joh Henry Newman temple ). That's why it's a perfect place for people to escape and enjoy the beauty of nature because it is a great place for its natural qualities. Not far from it there are many tourist destinations that you can find under "Area".

The house has been designed so that large families, groups of friends and small teams can find what they need for a pleasant stay, whether it is a birthday, a name day, a family reunion program, a shared holiday, a hen party, a managerial meeting or even a memorable memory. Our goal in building a house was that the common spaces should be designed to accommodate the guests and feel comfortable, but if they want to retire or just want a little intimacy, they can find it in their rooms. Here we differ from an impersonal accommodation and we are really proud of this.

Villa Aromatique was named after Aromatique referring to herbs in French. We would have liked to emphasize this, because the herbs and herbs are important to us and the garden has been created in this spirit, so that people can get to know and learn this ancient knowledge, which is experiencing the Renaissance recently and we hope that it will bring even more interest in the future agents. In the garden, in addition to the usual and well-known herbs (such as: several types of lavender, mint, lemon balm, sage, marigold, walnut ...), less important yet useful and useful herbs are also presented (damascus rose, magenta flower, italian strawberry pair) , digitalis ...).